About Gign

Video Streaming Platform

Unlike many other live streaming services, an important feature of the GiGn app is that it is a fully integrated ticketing live streaming platform with its own internal secure payment system. While shows can be offered as either paid or free, we encourage our clients if possible, to charge a fee to see your live performance. With a few clicks, you can set up your show, book the streaming channel time and date, set your price and promote your event, easily set up your show, deliver it, collect the revenues from tickets and tips or sponsorships. There is no need for a separate payment link when you stream such as PayPal or other payment systems. Neither do users don’t need to download separate broadcast software or use another streaming service to broadcast. It’s all embedded in the GiGn app.


GiGn began developing its progressive web based streaming app (app.gign.ca) well before COVID 19 created its devastatingly negative impact on live artistic performances about seven months ago. Our motivation to create a robust, easy to use, high quality live streaming app grew from the fact that the company’s founders, as musicians and music producers themselves, understood that even prior to Covid, many musicians were finding it increasingly difficult to earn sufficient incomes from their work as professional musicians, as vocalists and equally as other types of artistic performers. While streaming technologies have restored music industry growth overall, most of the financial benefit from bigger streaming platforms, while stimulating billions of dollars annually in new music sales, pay out very small amounts to the artists themselves (e.g. typically less than 1 cent per play). GiGn was born primarily to address this challenge. Our platform and all other service offerings are designed specifically to transfer most of the revenue earned to the artists themselves. Please contact the Gign team for more information on how we can assist you.