Video Streaming Platform


    Creating a GiGn Account

    You will need a GiGn account to see a ticketed show on GiGn. If the show is free, you do not need an account to watch the show on GiGn.

    Free shows can be watched by simply clicking on the show page.

    Once you have set up your GiGn account, GiGn will remember you and you won’t have to repeat your account set up each time you log in. It’s a good idea to save your password to your account on your viewing device if possible.

    Account Setup Instructions

    1. In your web browser, go to:
    2. Click on any paid show you want to purchase.
    3. Scroll down to find the button, “Get Show” and click on this button.
    4. You will be prompted to open an account (your email address will be automatically set as your user ID). Follow the prompts to set up your account with a password and enter your credit card information as required on the screen.
    5. Once you have completed this, your GiGn account has been set up and you should be able to purchase any show easily on the GiGn app.  

    Purchasing a Show on GiGn

    Once you have set up your GiGn account—or if you already have one—do the following to purchase a paid or ticketed show on GiGn:

    1. Find the show poster for the show you want to purchase by going to . Click on the show poster or page for the show you want to purchase.
    2. Look for the button that says, “Get Show” and click on it (It is just below the show poster where it says “Support Artist”).
    3. Click on “Get Show” and then click on “Pay”. Once you have done this, underneath Support Artist it will say “processing” until your transaction has been completed on your credit card.
    4. Once you have successfully purchased the show, or if you have already purchased the show the button just below “Support Artist” will read “Purchased”. This is your confirmation that the transaction on your transaction has been approved, your purchase has been registered with GiGn that you have successfully purchased the show, and that your device has been authorized to receive the show when you play it.  
    5. Note: You will not receive a separate email confirmation that you have purchased the show. If the button reads “Purchased”, this is your confirmation that you have purchased the show and that your account has been authorized to receive the show on your device (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.). If you would like a receipt for your show, email to request a receipt and GiGn will send you a receipt.
    6. If this button does not say “Purchased” and you already have a GiGn account, then you simply need to click on “Get Show” and then click pay. If your GiGn account has been established, the button says “Purchased”, this means that  your credit card will automatically be charged the ticket price for the show and you will be given access to the streamed show.
    7. Once you have purchased the show, the “Get Show” button will say “Purchased”
    8. Now you’re almost ready to watch the show.
    9. To view the show, click on “Copy Show Link” and copy and paste this link into your web browser.
    10. When you click to open the web page you have copied into your browser, the show you have purchased will appear, and you will see a ‘play’ button in the top left corner of the show page. Click on the play button and the show should begin to play.

    Devices you can use to watch the show

    Viewing Devices Supported by GiGn— The GiGn platform allows you to watch the show on any smart device (smart phone, tablet, PC, Mac, smart TV etc.) as long as you are connected to the internet. If your home entertainment system permits, it often is good to “cast” the show from your device to your smart television using any features that are enabled on your device to do so such as apple tv, google cast or other similar features that may be available on your smart device.  If you are watching it on your own personal device, headphones are recommended for best audio quality.

    Viewing is only allowed on one device at a time for each account. You will not be able to forward the show link for a paid or ticketed to anyone else to watch for free. If you want to switch devices to watch the show, the system will ask if you want to view it on a different device when you log in using your alternate device. If you switch viewing devices, confirm the systems request to authorize your alternate viewing device and you will be able to log in and watch the show on your alternate device.

    Using the Chat Function

    GiGn’s app allows you to chat with others while watching the show.  Often the artist will monitor the chat and respond. You will be able to see the comments from others.  You will find the chat function to the right side of your screen (unless you are already watching the show in ‘full screen’ mode on your device). If you don’t see the chat and you want to make a comment, minimize and/or maximize your viewing screen until you see the chat function. It should appear on the right side of your screen. Note, you will not be able to use either the ‘chat’ function or the ‘tip jar’ unless you have opened an account with GiGn.

    Using the Tip Jar Function

    The GiGn app allows you to ‘tip’ the artist or show producer. Near the bottom of the screen, if you scroll down, you will see a ‘give tip’ button. This can be used if you want to give a tip at anytime prior to, during or after the show. You can set whatever amount of tip you want to provide, and your tip will automatically be charged to your credit card. Sometimes the show producers or artists donate their tips or a portion of them to a charity. If this is the case, it is usually disclosed in the promotional material for the show.

    Best Viewing and Listening Results— Trouble Shooting Transmission Quality

    GiGn shows are professionally produced at high quality.  Depending on your local internet service, the stream could use a significant amount of your local internet capacity as it is being transmitted to your viewing device. Usually, 2mbps of download speed will allow you to watch GiGn shows without experiencing frozen frames. If you need to check your download internet speed you can go to to see if this is the issue causing any freezing on your device.

    To avoid any dropped frames or freezing issues, try shutting down any other devices that may be also running on your local wifi at the same time. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, sometimes watching it on a different device works if this option is available. If you decide to switch viewing devices note the instructions above in item 3: “Devices you can use to watch the show” on this Help page

    For Live Shows We encourage you to log into the show before show time to make sure everything is available and working as it should be and so you don’t miss the start of the show. GiGn will start a clock countdown for the show usually within 15 minutes of when the show starts in your time zone.

    Time Zone for your Show—The GiGn app automatically adjusts the time zone for your show. The show page is designed to show you the show time in the local time for which your device is set.

    If GiGn is noticing a problem with image quality that is a result of issues transmitting the show from the GiGn broadcast studio, GiGn will inform everyone via chat so you know the quality problem is not with your local internet connection or your device. 

    Length of Time the Show is Available for Viewing

    The length of time that a show can be viewed is set by GiGn’s customers who own the show production. The show will therefore be available to re-watch after the first purchase for as long as the show owner wants to leave the show on GiGn’s site. Once you have paid to watch a show on GiGn and if the show owner allows it to remain as video on demand on the GiGn app, you will be able to watch the show as many additional times as you want without having to re-purchase for it as long as the show owner permits the show to be posted on the GiGn app. There is no at no additional charge to re-watch the show and you can do so as often as you like at your convenience.

    Logging in to Watch a Show

    • You can Log into GiGn using your email and password or via your Google account via this link
    • If you are already logged in on another device, you will have the option to log out from that device and then redo the login process in the device you wish to use. You will only be able to watch the show on one device at a time. See point 3 to guide switching from one viewing device to another.
    • Password Resets
    • If you forget your password or still don’t have one, send a password reset request to the email you used for your account using this link

    Other Troubleshooting FAQ’s

    • I’ve purchased the show but can’t see it on my device screen. Make sure that you are logged in on the account you created to purchase the show. Also make sure you use the same email that you used to set up your account. You can confirm whether you have purchased the show by looking at the button which was once written “Get Show”. If you have already purchased the show this button will display as “Purchased” and this will confirm that your purchase of the show has been registered on your account.
    • I’m logged in but there is no show. If you log in more than 15 minutes prior to show time you will often only see the show poster that is normally visible at this link: At approximately 15 minutes before the show is scheduled to start you should see a countdown clock. Prior to the show starting you may see acknowledgments of show sponsors for the concert, and also hear background music. If the show has started to play, there will be a progress bar below the cover picture or show poster indicating that the show has started. If it is indicated “Live Now”, the stream has started and the video player will replace the cover picture.
    • I don’t see the video player. Please check to make sure you are signed in and have purchased the show. You can also refresh the page if perhaps your browser hasn’t updated the page yet.
    • I missed part of the show, how can I see it. If you were late joining the show or had technical difficulties getting everything to work at the start, the show is usually available as video on demand within an hour of the live show ending. You will be able to watch it at no additional cost for as many times as you like.
    • I’m stuck and can’t figure this out. If this happens after you’ve tried everything we described above, email: for help. We typically find 3% to 4% of viewers run into a problem and sometimes need a bit of technical help from our team to resolve the issue. Often it is as simple as a password reset, an incorrect email spelling or your internet speed. We’ll do our best to get you going.

    Enjoy the show!