Saskatchewan Suite! (Gign live streamed event)

Gign Video Streaming Platform

The Regina Jazz Society and Gign are collaborating to bring you a special jazz concert, 8pm CST, Saturday, Dec 28th, 2019.

You can enjoy this unique live event by purchasing a ticket and have it streamed to your favorite smart device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). It is easy to do. All you need to do is go to  and register you interest there by sending your email address. Once you register with your email address you will receive an acknowledgement and a subsequent email will be sent to you with a link you can use to purchase a ticket for $25 and receive the performance.

Depending on your home entertainment system you may be able to Bluetooth the concert to your television and/or stereo.

About the concert:

The performance is a two hour program featuring many of western Canada’s best jazz musicians all of whom got their musical start in Saskatchewan and who now perform around the world. These world class musicians are returning to perform a unique new Fred Stride Composition entitled, “The Saskatchewan Suite”. You will be able to see the world premiere of this novel musical work on your smart device. The Suite will interpret musically, the history and character of Saskatchewan through sounds played in a jazz format. The program will also feature other original compositions as well as many familiar pieces of Saskatchewan artists. 

The band features musicians such as New York based pianist, Jon Balantyne, Miles Hill, bassist for Van Morrison, PJ Perry, Kelly Jefferson, Andy King, Al Muirhead, and Ted Warren along with local players such as Ed Minevich, Jack Semple, Dean McNeill, and Heidi Munro. 

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